Our Mission

Create credible, usable, and reliable, and customized solutions for generating evidence of country of origin and end use for importers, exporters, buyers, and governments.

Uses - Imports

For importers, accurately declaring your products country of origin to Customs officials is always important, but sometimes it is critical.  Representations and documents provided by an overseas supplier can be faked and put importers at risk.  CO Vouch can provide importers with secure, linked photographic and geospatial evidence of collection, production, processing, packing, and shipping anywhere in the world.  Some use cases where country of origin declarations are critical include:

  • antidumping duties
  • countervailing duties
  • free trade agreement claims
  • endangered species imports
  • quotas
  • restricted regional designations (e.g. champagne)
  • textiles
  • food and agricultural products

Uses - Exports

For exporters, accurately declaring your products' end use is always important, but, again, sometimes it is critical.  End use certificates provided by an overseas customer are only as reliable as the party issuing them.  CO Vouch can provide exporters with secure, linked photographic and geospatial evidence of an item's location, use, and custody anywhere in the world.  Furthermore, CO Vouch can provide continuing monitoring for as long as an exporter desires.  


Documentation of country of origin of honey produced in Southeast Asia admitted to the U.S. using an annual bond when previously U.S. CBP had required ruinous single entry bonds.