Imports - Indonesian Origin Honey 

CO Vouch has worked with a producer of honey in Indonesia to support its claims of origin that had previously been excluded from the U.S. market by an unworkable single entry bond requirement imposed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Through the efforts of CO Vouch, they can now import into the US using an annual bond.

Sample Evidentiary Chain

The producer's Indonesian staff documents the honey collection from the beekeeper using the CO Vouch app running on a smartphone.  Once taken, the image is inaccessible to the user and is automatically stored online by the CO Vouch app.

The app captures the time, date, and geolocation where the picture was taken.

The producer's Indonesian staff then documents the processing of raw honey for exportation.  Again the app captures the time, date, and geolocation where the pictures were taken.